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Policies: FAQ


All dogs serviced by Dog Savvy MG Inc are required to be up to date on their rabies vaccination. Owner must be able to provide proof of vaccination before service is agreed upon. All other vaccines not required but recommended. If your pet is unable to receive rabies vaccine for any reason, a note from your vet must be provided.


Dog Savvy MG Inc respectfully requires 24 hour notice to reschedule appointments. If 24 hour notice is not given, a cancellation fee will be due before booking of next appointment. Repeated cancellations may require 100% deposit before grooming is booked.

Age and Health Conditions

At Dog Savvy MG Inc we care for all pets, including the elderly and pets with health conditions. However, we do reserve the right to refuse service to pets whose health concerns/age may put the pet at risk for discomfort or injury. We at Dog Savvy MG Inc will always be transparent with you about your pets limitations and will not push a dog past what they are comfortable with. We believe in humanity over vanity. If we believe your pet cannot be comfortably or safely groomed due to age or health concerns, we will provide information for local vets offices that may be able to help.

Behavior Concerns

Dog Savvy MG Inc will attempt to service all pets, including pets with behavior concerns. Sometimes pets that act out in salons may do better in a mobile grooming salon, due to the quiet one on one nature of mobile salons. If however your pet has any history of biting or aggression, we ask that you disclose that information before grooming takes place, so we can approach the groom in a way that your pet is as comfortable as possible. We can utilize muzzles if needed.


Matting is tangled fur caused by friction and moisture. If you suspect your pet matted or starting to matt - do not get them wet. 
We will do our best to dematt your pet to an extent. If the matting is severe, it causes trauma to the skin, pain, and bruising. In extreme cases it can cause skin infections, and even loss of limbs. We at Dog Savvy MG Inc reserve the right to do what is best for your pet with your prior knowledge.

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